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About Us

We are a development group building robust decentralized applications on top of emerging technologies such as Ethereum and IPFS

What do we do?

We’re decentralized application developers building a universal educational system. It’s distributed through web-technologies (We’re really enjoying Elm), powered by an assessment model built on the Ethereum blockchain, and supported by the surplus of educational material available online. We are not content providers, as we believe content is not the only the only factor in truly effective education, and that shouldn’t differ online. We’re making the bits that are missing, peer-to-peer assessment and learning.

Who are we?

We’re lead on the technical front by Saianeesh Keshav Haridas, a current freshman at Johns Hopkins University. He’s a traditionally more of a C guy but he’s been venturing forth (sometimes reluctantly) into the wide world of Solidity and Decentralized Applications.

The rest of it is under the wing of Jared Pereira, who’s deeply committed to building universal applications for the progress of human society. He’s been working with Ethereum and decentralized technologies since early 2015, and has been focused on developing education for longer still.

Where are we based?

We have team-members in NYC, Baltimore, and Dubai, and were founded in Nairobi, Kenya.